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PDO Mesothreads

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we carry the best lifting threads on the market ( Basic, Screw, Barbed , cannula type Barbed ): Princess LFL ( Lead Fine Lift ) and PremiumLift PDO Mesothreads 


Thread Lift - a non surgical face lift.

Thread lifts are a generally the latest type of non surgical cosmetic facial improvement offering. In the event that your face has slackening or listing skin and you need a more tightly, fresher more young look, you ought to truly consider this remedy. 

It's a face improvement with no operation. There are no cut and no opening. Just insertions. 

We have been astonishing at its compelling nature. Our clients adore the outcomes and good amount of our own employees have needed the remedy. Truth be told, we believe this is the finest non surgical face improvement accessible and anticipate this will turn into our best remedy. 

How does a Thread Lift Work? 

Utilizing a truly small needle preferred dissolvable strings made of Polydioxanone (PDO) are infused into the skin, and at times the muscle, to fix the skin. 

The PDO strings have a capable double impact. The principal is to give a quick elevating impact. The second is to excite your body’s own Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. 

Collagen is a protein in charge of the pressure and solidness of your skin. 

Elastin is in charge of skin immovability and flexibility. 

Hyaluronic Acid causes your skin to rehydrate. Fortifying your own particular skin's own generation of hyaluronic corrosive, brings about enhanced skin dampness and less-unmistakable creases. 

What's incredible about PDO strings is they don't have snares or decreases that raised tissue. The elevating impact is accomplished by an exceptional string weave. Delivering a smoother, more tightly look right away. 

How are the PDO strings embedded? 

String lifts are non-surgical with the medicinal expert utilizing a thin needle to embed the strings into the territories that need elevating. Since there are no incisions or entry point needed there's no skin blemishing. 

Is the treatment difficult? 

We hope to oversee remedy application distress however much as could reasonably be expected and use extraordinary ointments that significantly diminish the agony of infusions. Most patients don't consider it to be an agonizing remedy. That said, it's not easy. 

To what extent does a PDO string lift work? 

Notwithstanding the prompt lift, the considerable news is over ensuing weeks taking after the treatment; outcomes will keep on enhancing and can last 1-2 years as your own body generate Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. Making this type of non surgical face improvement an enduring remedy. 

The string itself is intended to break down into your body in the middle of 180 – 240 days, following new stringy connective tissue around the string has been produced – the Collagen!



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