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PremiumLift Needle 3D Barb PDO

PremiumLift Needle 3D Barb PDO threads at cheap wholesaleprices

Advantages of PremiumLift Needle Barb Pdo threads compared to other brands: 

PremiumLift Needle Barb uses a thread which has bi-directional cogs (barbs). Up Bidirectional barbed sutures are manufactured from monofilament fibers via a micromachining technique that cuts barbs into the suture. As compared with conventional smooth suture, up and down bidirectional barbed suture may offer multiple advantages. When inserted, barbed sutures self-anchor the skin tissues and hold the lift. The thread stays much more stably and the lifting effect lasts longer. But the treatment requires highly skilled technique and the nerve blocks are needed to control the treatment pain.

PremiumLift Needle Barb comes with a sharp needle which causes less pain, has less risk of bruising, and has a better safety profile.

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