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Pelo Baum Combo Products

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What is the cause of hair fall?

Hair fall occurs due to two reasons; internal body changes and external environmental changes. Internal changes are the ups and downs of our body such as hormonal changes or stomach disturbances and sometimes even the less absorption of nutrients from your glut can stop the growth of hair making them thinner and weaker. Anxiety and depression is also another common reason for hair fall. In many cases, a severe hair loss has seen in people taking stress. Whereas external environmental changes could be exposure to sunlight between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or excessive use or heat treatments or hazardous chemicals on your skin can literally cause you hair to damage for a lifetime.

How can we control hair fall?

Hair fall can only be controlled by:

Making your inner self healthy Having a good diet Not upsetting your stomach or hormones Making sure whatever you are eating is absorbed by your skin and hair. No exposure to sunlight; its rays are very harmful. Using good hair care products

What are hair care products?

Hair care products are designed in a way that will save your hair from internal and external difficulties as a result it will not fall or become weaker. These products contain organic ingredients, which helps in providing strength and elasticity to hair.

What are Pelo Baum Hair Products?

Pelo Baum – hair care products are a three bottled hair treatment program including shampoo, conditioner and hair solution; the best nourishment you can ever provide to your hair. This complete range of hair care products will make your hair grow silkier and shinier with less hair fall and thinner hair growth.

The following illustration will help you provide enough knowledge on how these products work on your hair.

pelo baum combo products

  • Revitalizing Shampoo

Pelo Baum Revitalizing shampoo has created to provide maximum amount of hydration to your hair which could be lost due to many obvious reasons. This shampoo will help fighting against rough or dry hair.

  • Revitalizing Conditioner

When you apply conditioner to your hair and leave it for five minutes, all the nutrients are absorbed by the hair as they were causing hair growth issues. Within this duration, all the accumulated nutrients are easily absorbed in your rough hair to make them smooth and bring back its lost elasticity.

  • Revitalizing Hair Solution

This is especially made to give your hair a perfect sparkling look. This is an after bath serum applied on wet hair. Its main purpose is to make sure all the nourishment that you have just provided to your skin will remain on your hair for maximum duration.