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Restylane Vital (1x1,0ml)

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Restylane Vital (1x1, 0ml)

There are various types of beauty treatments and lip fillers available in the aesthetic world today that enhance or bring back lost beauty. These beauty treatments can be available from different brands and can be for different areas of the body or face as well.

Restylane Injections are used for enhancing beauty and regaining the lost volume. Restylane can be used for many purposes including lip augmentation, lips enhancing and lips contouring.

How to Buy Restylane Vital?

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Restylane Vital Benefits

There are various benefits of Restylane. These benefits are given as follows

  • It rejuvenates skin that has aged or matured over time
  • It can bring back damaged skin of the face through various ways
  • It gives a glowing complexion by using gentle and smooth ways to naturally smooth the skin within the face.
  • It gives a very long lasting result and effect
  • It enhances the appearance through different Restylane skin-boosters
  • Restylane skin boosters can be used to have different facial treatments that help it to look young and fresh again.
  • It can also provide different hand treatments as well as provide treatments regarding acne scars to help improve or prevent acne too It can help with treatments of décolletage and neck
  • It can yield impacting deep skin hydration features that nourish the skin very well by delivering deep and lasting improvements for the overall quality improvement of the skin

Restylane Before And After

Restylane Vital has superior impact than other fillers on any treatment area. Many patients who used Restylane reported that they noticed optimal results and will recommend this treatment to others. Please see the image below to find out before and after effects of Restylane under eyes:

Restylane before and after under eyes

How Restylane Vital Works?

There are many beauty products that work on enhancing the skin from the outer surface but Restylane is one such product that works on the deep cause that lies within and corrects it from the root. HA also known as Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is found within any person’s skin and provides the needed balance, shine, and volume to the skin.

When the skin ages, it stops producing HA which is why wrinkles and scars occur. Through Restylane, HA is provided to the skin and when the HA need is met, the skin looks younger and fuller again naturally.

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Restylane Vital 1ml Results

The results of Restylane are very quick but they depend on the situation and the condition of the skin. They are effective from the first treatment as well but the exact number of sessions for results can’t be known. They depend on the treatment product, the skin condition, and the practitioner as well. Different treatments might last from a duration between 6 months up to a year but for the lips the treatment usually lasts for up to 6 months.

Restylane Vital side effects

There are no such side effects of the treatment but one can have swollen lips for up to a week. If the effect lasts more than two weeks only then a practitioner should be consulted while in other cases a little infection and redness is quite common which usually goes away after a week.

Hence, now that you know all about Restylane be sure to make the best use of it for yourself or others.

How many treatments are required for satisfactory results?

For younger patients that are below 35 years only single injection of 1ml Restylane Vital light or Restylane Vital 1ml is enough for satisfying results……

Restylane Vital is specially designed for people over 40 years of age….

They need a series of treatment to achieve noticeable results…

During each series there will be 3 to 5 treatments needed to be perform at intervals of 3 to 4 months…

After completion of the treatment the patient is required to have a reminder injection after 3 – 4 months to keep looking younger…

How often do I need to repeat the treatment?

The treatment is needed to be repeated in every 3 to 6 months depending on the results an individual patient is having…..

There are numerous Restylane vital injection techniques available therefore the practitioner should choose the most suitable technique for the patient…

Guidelines: Before the Restylane treatment

Before the treatment we encourage you to reed Restylane reviews on different aesthetic forums….

However there is no need of having any preliminary medical preparation before the treatment…

Just ensure that you do not have any physical difficulties like allergies or skin disease….

… Otherwise you need to change your plan of having Restylane treatment…

Physicians must guide the patients about not taking aspirin or any other medication that can decrease coagulability….

For decreasing the risk of hematocele after the treatment, patients are adviced to take Aescin 3x2 tabl and Reparil 3x2 tabl…

Patients who have herpes problem can prophylactically take acyclovir (Heviran tablets 400 mg twice a day) couple of days before the treatment….

Guidelines: After the Restylane Treatment

Once the Restylane vital gel is injected into the patient’s body, he/she should apply a thin film of smoothing gel on the treated area…

You should also do massage with it twice a day…. If you are having bruising on the area, then you can treat it with Auriderm…

Restylane Vital 1ml pack

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