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Dr. CYJ Hair Filler

75 EUR

Dr.CYJ Hair filler is the world’s first hair filler injection – it contains a specialized medical formula that is recommended by hair experts.

Caregon's Dr.Cyj Hair filler main purpose is to strengthen hair cells and scalp revitalization. Each package contains 1cc gel in a prefilled syringe.

How to use DR.CYJ Hair filler?

The gel should be injected into the patients’ skin through point injection or intra dermal injection.

How does Dr.CYJ Hair filler work?

Once the gel is injected into the skin, it starts promoting the blood circulation in the scalp area that results into the revitalization of hair follicles which induces hair growth by increasing the size of fair follicles that also prevents hair loss.

Internationally approved patented peptide revitalizing Ingredients

Dr.CYJ hair filler only contains internation patented peptides active ingredients that do not cause any side effects post-treatment and does not contain any medicinal.

It also strengthens sparse hair and increases their thickness. Thanks to the innovative trans-dermal delivery system, the peptides are safely transferred into the most deepest follicles.

The formula and ingredients that are used in Dr. Cyj Hair filler are validated after Notarized experiments.

Decapeptide-18 & Decapeptide-28

The combination of Decapeptide-18 & Decapeptide-28 simulates pathways of WINT hair-growth and launches stem cells for escalating the hair growth function.


Decapeptide-10 promotes the angiogenesis level in the hair follicles which prevents apoptosis.

Decapaptide-19 & Oligopeptide-71

It boosts formation of hair follicles that is extremely helpful for generating hair color.


It empowers your hair cells to block BMP4 hair-loss pathways to prevent hair-loss.


It is Ideal for promoting transfer of hair stem cells.

Trans-dermal delivery system: It ensures that all active peptide complexes are delivered even into the most inner layers of the skin.

DR.CYJ is specialized in making products that boost hair growth and prevent hair loss. They are also known for manufacturing hair shampoo known as “DR Hair Revitalizing shampoo”.

Clinical Tests:

Dr.CYJ hair filler

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DR. CYJ - The first hair filler in the world



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