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Belotero HYDRO is a natural combination of ingredients to rehydrate even the deepest areas of the skin.

It is one most useful dermal fillers to moisturize your skin from deep as well as hydrating it at the same time thus giving a youthful look to the patients.

BELOTERO HYDRO is a perfect treatment for skin maintenance to get a refreshed, youthful skin texture as well as having a great look.

The vital combination of Hyaluronic acid and glycerol gives the ultimate skin hydration from inside to the patients.

It is a uniquely generated formulation to enhance the skin tone and improving skin texture in following areas:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Hands

Some important guidelines before having Belotero Hydro treatment

Initial stage of your treatment

During the initial phase of your treatment it is recommended to have 2 to 3 sessions done in 30 days.

This will help your skin to absorb the Belotero gel as well as rehydrating your skin during the period.

During this initial stage of your treatment the practitioner should check your skin texture and improvement each time.

Please do report him any harm or uneven pain if you’re dealing with it during this period.

During each session your dermatologist will inject the BELOTERO HYDRO gel through microinjections in the desired area.

Maintenance Phase

After the initial stage, it is recommended to must have a maintenance phase in which the dermatologist will examine the impacts of the filler and may suggest you more sessions if necessary.

Who should get a BELOTERO HYDRO treatment?

Belotero Hydro treatment is recommended for people who have sagged or dehydrated skin.

It helps to rehydrate skin as well as restoring the lost radiance. It also improves the elasticity of the skin.

Belotero HYDRO is ideal to treat areas such as face, neck, décolletage and hands.

How does Belotero Hydro work?

Belotero Hydro provides an instant boost of hydration to your skin. The patient can see the result instantly after the treatment.

It helps to combat all major skin problems including dryness, dehydration and also helps to improve radiance.

After the treatment your face, hands, neck and décolletage area will look smoother and younger.

Dehydrated skin can cause many skin issues including wrinkles, face lines and dryness on the skin. Belotero HYDRO helps to restore the hydration by providing the lost HA.

The Belotero gel is injected through a needle.

The gel is administered using a fine needle.

Ingredients & Concentration:

Hyaluronic Acid 18mg / 1ml

Aiguille 30G

Belotero Hydro Side-effects

Some swelling and redness may occur for a temporary period. In some cases patients might also deal with itchiness and pain.

However these side-effects should disappear after a temporary period. Please consult your doctor if you are having prolonged swelling or bruising.

How is Belotero Hydro different from other fillers?

The Belotero range is a range of filler that allows you to get desired results within a specific time period.

It helps to improves 3 major things that are essential for skin appearance including elasticity, plasticity and cohesivity.

The Belotero range can be used individually or in combination with every product to achieve different results.

Each product in this range has a different purpose which are given below:

Belotero Hydro:

Face, neck, décolletage, back of hands

Belotero Intense:

Corrects deeper lines on face including nasolabial folds, marionette lips, lip volume, oral commissures, cupid’s bow and contours.

Belotero Soft:

It helps to correct crow’s feet, perioral lines and other skin issues.

Beloter Balance:

Belotero Balance helps to enhance the skin beauty by correcting moderate lines, marionette lines and lips volume.

Belotero Volume:

It’s a known substitute of Juvederm Voluma and other such products. It helps to restore the lost facial volume especially on cheeks and temples areas.

How to Buy Belotero Hydro?

Buy belotero Hydro at wholesale rates, all products contain high quality, Belotero Hydro has been superbly created to augment the water composition and plasticity of the skin.

Serving to give your skin a more basic and strong look. It is the hyaluronic acid that functions to prolong skin liquefaction and results in improved skin density. Belotero Hydro's common levels of hyaluronic acid separate and are renewed every day, except as we mature the rate at which we can recharge hyaluronic acid reduces.

In thusly the skin observes the chance to be dense and starts to get dehydrated, recognizing wrinkles and wrinkles to start demonstrating. Belotero Hydro fulfills by substituting the reduced amounts of Hyaluronic acid and aids restoring depleted fluids to the skin and grows thickness through its inclination to store liquid.

Normally the drugs are provided by inconspicuous insertions around 1-2 cm's wide. Because of Belotero Hydro's resources upon insertion of the gel it streams reliably into the enveloped skin. Results are next to quick and can keep working for whatever length of time up to 1 year.

Belotero Hydro is infused specifically into the skin with a thin needle.



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